Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spinology - Interview with Newstalk Radio 106-108

Here is a link to the interview that I did on Newstalk Radio on Tuesday the 9th of March. I suppose it is ok, but I really needed to stress the nerve function aspect more if I could re-do it. The entire morning show was devoted to back treatments and eventually got around to being pro-active, so they asked if I would come on to explain Spinology. I'm pleased that I was able to explain that Reggie Gold was the founder and it began in the 1980's in the States and not in Oz in the 1990's.

There was supposedly 250,000+ listeners at the time. If you go to the link and begin listening @ 30:30 on the 3rd hour you can hear it. (The text you hear coming thru is my wife telling me good job as she was listening at work lol).

1. Copy and paste link in your browser
2. Go to Tom Dunne Show Archives
3. Choose Tues. 9th March. Part 3, and begin listening at 30:30

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