Thursday, June 17, 2010

Article for Yoga Therapy Ireland Magazine

A Visit in a Spinologist’s Office

We have covered what Spinology is and why it is vital to maintain the nervous system in past issues. I will focus now on what a typical initial visit is like and how a Spinology office works. It is much different than a typical visit to a doctor or therapist.

You will be asked to fill out a form with your details on it and then you are free to explain the reason for your visit. The Spinologist will take notes where appropriate and highlight any special considerations you may personally need (not too different so far). Next, the Spinologist will explain how your body was formed, how the nerves control all functions, how the spine protects the nerve roots and spinal cord, and finally what happens when a spinal bone is outside its proper parameters of alignment. It will become evident during this time to the new client that Spinology is not a profession for people exclusively with ‘bad backs’, but a profession for anyone that wants proper nerve function throughout their bodies for their entire life. The big difference here is that we aim to educate each client to the function of the body as opposed to use our education to just ‘treat’ the body.

Next, the Spinologist will palpate (feel) the spinal muscles with their fingertips with the intent of finding ‘working muscle fibres’ which would indicate the body’s attempt at self correction. This is called a Spinal Occlusion in our profession. A misaligned bone will alter the environment surrounding the nerve and spinal cord tissue and this in turn will interfere with normal neural transmissions to and from the brain. Notice there is no discussion of symptoms or various exams or tests to determine a ‘treatment.’

Finally, the fee system and visit frequency is discussed. Spinologists charge a membership fee for a set period of time (usually 6 months or a year). This payment will allow you access to the facility as you would attend a gym. Typically that is two to three times per week if desired. The massive difference is that there is no ‘fee per visit’ as this would only have clients coming in when the symptoms became unbearable and that would automatically be therapy.

Now, we can begin the procedure. You will lie face down (prone) on a Spinology table and simply relax. The Spinologist will locate your spinal occlusions and apply a gentle pressure or pulse to the surrounding muscles to aid them in correcting the alignment of the segment. That’s all there is to it. Future visits will only take a few minutes since this is maintenance.

Spinal maintenance is essential due to the inherent weakness that the spinal occlusions represent within your spine. Every time you strain your spinal muscles, if bones are going to misalign, it will logically be the ones that were misaligned in the past due to ligament weakness. Spinal maintenance for the entire family makes good sense when you begin to understand just how much the quality of life suffers with nerve interference. The human body is not made up of many different parts. Rather, it is an organism where each cell needs the other cells to function properly to facilitate ‘life’ as we know it. The nervous system is responsible for all this co-ordination throughout the body. Your body can’t possibly function properly with nerve interference.

The Spinology training school can seem challenging and complicated, but our job is really very simple. We check the spines of our clients on a maintenance basis to ensure proper nerve function so the body can resume/continue normal function. Many claim that the quality of life they get from Spinology is something they thought long lost. It truly feels great to be this useful to humanity.

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