Saturday, June 26, 2010

Q & A from Yoga Therapy Ireland magizine readers.

Since I began this series on Spinology I have received numerous e-mail questions and I will answer a few here.

Q: I have severe low back pain, and have had off and on for quite some time. Should I come and see you?

A: You should definitely come in for a free orientation to find out what Spinology can do for you. Low back pain, especially severe, can be caused by many things. These things include fractures, tumours, disc problems, facet trauma, direct injury and spinal misalignments (spinal occlusions) causing direct nerve irritation. I wouldn’t try to treat your symptoms as Spinology is a non-therapeutic profession. Spinology is concerned with restoring proper nerve supply to allow your body to function at its best. If you have a spinal occlusion your body can’t function as it should and any healing that you may need to do can’t take place as it should. My focus would be on checking your entire spine to allow your entire nervous system to function as it should. If a spinal occlusion in your lower back is causing your pain it may very well dissipate with regular spinal maintenance as many have discovered.

Q: If I understand Spinology, you don’t treat anything as you claim not to be therapists. What is it that you do and who are your patients?

A: We don’t have any ‘patients’ as we don’t treat anything as you stated. We educate our practice members in the area of proper body function through proper nerve supply. Each and every function of the body is governed by the nerve system. Even the chemical and hormonal balance is under direct control of nerves by means of the endocrine system. As Spinologists, we offer a quality of life that most thought long past. Children are offered the opportunity to grow and develop a body that is as good as it can be without nerve interference inhibiting the development of tissues and organs. Imagine a body that with a perfect communication throughout all the organs, tissues and cells and imagine the quality of life for that person. That is what Spinology does.

Q: I have looked at all your pictures on your Facebook page (Michael Meyer) and looked at your YouTube videos (crazybaba2), and what you do looks just like chiropractic or osteopathy. Can you enlighten me on what the differences are?

A: What a Spinologist does would have to look like other ‘spinal’ professions to help the body correct spinal occlusions (spinal misalignments). My method of analysis, my hand positions, my direction of ‘thrust’ and most importantly, my intention is different. I use an analysis method that evaluates what the ‘intention’ of the muscles attached to the spinal occlusions are doing to attempt self correction. The wisdom of the body will use the small muscles attached to the bone to try to realign it. Once I locate those muscles I simply put my hand on the muscle (as opposed to the bone like a chiropractor or an osteopath) and my direction of thrust is away from the spine. It is in the direction the muscle is pulling. My intention is not to manipulate the bone. I supply the muscles with sufficient assistance to move the bone themselves. If the force I supply doesn’t allow the bone to move, I won’t force it to move. Spinology clients come in for brief visits several times per week. Eventually, the body will move the bone to improve nerve function and restore proper body function to help you live at your fullest potential.

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